Top Universities in Russia for international students

Best Universities in Russia for International Students

Russia is regarded for its high education. With more than 50% of its citizen’s university education, the former Soviet Union provides the same degree of academic excellence to its international students. Russia is home to many prestigious universities and is committed to delivering world-class education at a friendly price! In this article, we are looking to look at top universities in Russia for international students.

Best Universities in Russia for International Students

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

Moscow State University, or Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU), is a public research institution situated in the Russian capital. This University was established in 1755 and its name is given after the Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. This University is the best in Russia for international students.

LMSU campus is located in Sparrow Hills, 5 kilometers away from the city center. The main building of this University was designed by the architect Lev Rudnev, while Joseph Stalin commissioned its seven neoclassic towers.

At LMSU, there are 39 faculties and 15 research centers. They cover a wide array of courses, including Natural and Biological Science, Law, and Economics. Social Science and Humanities, Medicine, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and Military Training.

2. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, is also known as MIPT or PhysTech, is a university that specializes in theoretical physics and applied physics, among many other related courses. The University was established in 1946.

The main campus of PhysTech is based in Dolgoprudny, located in the north of Moscow. This University has 11 departments, which only admit 80 students each year. Accordingly, this school is known only to admit its applicants ‘most gifted’.

The students can study in either Institutes of Radio Engineering & Cybernetics, Molecular & Biological Physics, General & Applied Physics, Aerophysics & Space Research. Physical & Quantum Electronics, Applied Mathematics & control, Physics & Power Engineering, Innovative Technology, or Nano, Bio, Info, & Cognitive Technologies.

So, the MIPT institute also has a branch in Zhukovsky that hosts the Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering Department.

3. HSE University

HSE University stands for the Higher School of Economics, is a research institute based in Moscow, and is one of the top universities in Russia for international students. This University was established in 1992, and it recently got the title of “National Research University” in the year 2009. The HSE university also has a branch in Saint Petersburg, Perm, and Nizhny Novgorod.

This University is also internationalized, as it provides various English-taught programs. There are eight available Bachelor’s degrees, of which four are taught in conjunction with the University of London. For the Master’s programs, there are 20 English options in Economics & Finance, Computer Science, Humanities, Social Science, Management, International Affairs, Mathematics, Law, and Urban studies.

4. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

This is one of the great technical universities outside of Moscow. It was established in 1899; it was earlier known as Peter the great Technical Institute before being named the Kalinin Polytechnic Institute.

The St. Petersburg-based University, named after Peter I of Russia, is known for its polytechnic programs. This University is leading in the field of Mathematics, Applied Physics, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.

So, being the polytechnic University, SPbPU also offers degrees in Natural Science, Economics & Humanities.

5. Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University of BMSTU is neat in the list of best universities in Russia for International students, and it is also Russia’s largest polytechnic institution. This University was established in 1830; the Moscow-based institute is the second-oldest university in the capital after the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The BMSTU has 19 faculties that offer Bachelor’s, Master’s. and Ph.D. programs, and it is also known as Baumanka. These cover the courses of Engineering, Biomedical Technology, Electronic & Laser Technology, Robotics & Automation, and Business, Social Science, and Linguistics.

So, admission to this University for any of these courses is highly competitive, as the University only accepts 1 out of 10 applicants.

6. National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

This University, also known as the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, is a prestigious technical university established in 1942. It was earlier named the Moscow Mechanical Institution of Munitions before becoming the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, and it was finally granted university status in 2009.

The University is home to 9 institutes that are Nuclear Physics & Engineering, Biomedicine Engineering & Physics, Laser & Plasma Technology, Nanoengineering, Cyber Intelligence Systems, International Relations, Financial & Economic Security, Physics & Technology, and Business Informatics.

 The usual curriculum focuses on experimental work, physics, mathematics, and English during the first two years. After that, students can specialize in computer science, physics, or information security, among many other tracks.

7. Saint-Petersburg Mining University

This University is one of the oldest technical institutes. This University was established in 1773 by Catherine the Great as a training school for engineers in the mining and metal industries.

The Saint-Petersburg Mining University is located in Vasilievsky, Island, Saint Petersburg. The university campus is known for its neoclassicist building that can be looked at from the banks of the Naya River.

The University is divided into eight faculties that cover the courses of Geological Prospecting, Oil & Gas Engineering, Mining Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Power & Mechanical Engineering, Mineral Raw Material Processing, Economics, and Humanities & Sciences.

8. ITMO University

This University is a state/national research university located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. ITMO university traces its roots to the Mechanics, Optics, and Watchmaking Department. This University is established in 1900; it was once part of the Prince Nicholas Vocational School.

This is one of the best Russian universities for international students. ITMO University has 18 Departments specializing in technologies, engineering, systems, innovations, and automation controls. Despite being focused on technical education, ITMO also provides Natural Science, Military Education, Vocational Education, Career Development, and Teacher Training programs.

While its bachelor’s and master’s degrees are only taught in Russian, ITMO also offers international Master’s and Ph.D. programs in the English language.

9. National Research Tomsk State University

The National Research Tomsk State University is located in snowy Siberia, a public educational institution. This University is established in 1878 following the decree by Emperor Alexander II.

The TSU is home to many faculties, including Mechanics & Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geology & Geography, Chemistry, History, Philology, and Philosophy. Journalism, Psychology, Physical Education, Foreign Language, Innovative Technology, Computer Studies, Law, Economics, and Art & Culture.

So, the TSU has a low student population of about 7,800 and the highest percentage of international students at 35%.

10. Kazan Federal University

The last University on the list of top universities in Russia for international students is the Kazan Federal University, a public university headquartered in Kazan, Russia. This University was founded in 1804, and it was earlier known as the Imperial Kazan University before it was renamed in honor of its former student Vladimir Lenin.

So, this University has 18 academic departments grouped according to the field of specialization. These include the areas of Physics, Mathematics, & IT, Natural Science, Humanities, and Economics.

Various specialist and Master’s programs are taught in English, and otherwise, most of its programs are taught in native Russian. So, the international students are encouraged to enroll in a one-year training course in the Preparatory School before starting.

 I hope this article will be helpful for the student. So, if you have any doubt regarding the article, let us know through comments.


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