Top Business School in USA: MBA in USA, Courses, and Costs

Mba Schools in Usa

More than 50 business schools ranked among the top business schools globally. Higher education institutions have turned their names into high-quality brands in the US. With great education giants like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, UPenn Wharton offers a variety of business programs for students who are planning to study in the USA is rewarding both in terms of learning opportunities and post-degree careers. In this post, we are going to look at some of the Top Business School in USA. 

  • As per the Labor Statistics report, more than 50% of international students apply for business and management courses in the USA.
  • 91% of the total MBA graduates are from the best business schools in the USA.
  • As per the USA Department of Education, the USA has the world’s largest MBA ecosystem, with more than 125,000 students studying MBA in the USA or other business Courses.
  • 25% of the companies in the USA hire international students completing their education from business schools in the USA.
  • Top recruiters like Apple, Brain & Company, Amazon, BCG, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and McKinsey soiled in the USA. The country has an overwhelming advantage of offering great MBA employment in the USA.
  • The salaries provided to MBA graduates are the highest compared to anywhere else.

Top Business School in USA

Taking higher education in the US is the dream of every management aspirant. The top 3 Universities in the MBA Ranking 2020 by QS comes from the US. They also provide Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in some instances, but MBA is the main focus of these top universities. The top 5 US MBA colleges are listed below according to the Global MBA Ranking and the type of degrees provided:

University Name QS Global MBA Rankings 2020 Degrees Offered Salary Increase (%) Post MBA
Stanford Graduate School of Business 1 MBA 117
Wharton School University of Pennsylvania 2 BBA,


MIT Sloan 3 MBA 119
Harvard Business School 4 MBA 110
Columbia Business School 8 MBA 123


Business Schools in the USA: Specialization and Degrees

According to the QS MBA by specialization Ranking 2021, Universities in the US have achieved the top position in many fields. Students here can take many combinations of subjects or electives. Most of the students follow the same course of study, the required curriculum, and FIELD in the first year. Some of the most common specializations along with the stream are mentioned below:

Course Name Specialization University Offered in
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Accounting University of Pennsylvania, USC Marshall, Georgetown University, Bentley University
Legal Studies University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University
Global Management University of Pennsylvania, University of California-Berkeley,
Bachelor of Arts International Studies St Louis University, Texas State University
Bachelor of Science Business Analytics Southern New Hampshire University, Bentley University, Trinity University
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human Resource Stanford University
Consulting Columbia University, Harvard University
Finance MIT Sloan, Harvard University, Stanford University, Chicago Booth
Technology MIT Sloan, UC Berkeley, Stanford University
Information Management MIT Sloan, North Western University- Kellog, Stanford University
Marketing Harvard University, Stanford University, Chicago Booth
Master of Arts International Business/Economics American University, Hofstra University, University of Oregon
PhD Finance Washington University, Temple University
PhD Marketing Washington University, University of Dallas, Temple University
PhD Business Administration University of Dallas, Temple University


Best MBA Colleges in the USA

Though there are plenty of options available to international students planning to pursue business studies in the USA, MBA is one of the most popular options. There are different types of MBA programs available for studying in the USA are as below:

Type of Program Program duration Best Business School for Program Average Work experience Required
Full-time MBA 1-2 years Stanford, Harvard, UPenn, Chicago-Booth, MIT 3+years
Part-time MBA Equal to or more than 3 years MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia University 0 to 3 years
Online MBA 2 years Indiana University, University of North Carolina, University of Florida 0 to 3 years
Early Career MBA Equal to 2 or more than 2 years Chicago-Booth, UPenn Wharton, UCLA 0 years
Executive MBA 2 Years UPenn Wharton, MIT, Yale, Northwestern More than 8 years of experience
Global MBA 1-2 years Harvard, New York University More than 8 years of experience
Certificate Program 1-2 semesters (differs by the business school) MIT, Harvard Not required


Best Business Schools in the USA for Undergraduate programs

There are many Business courses for Undergraduate Students in the USA. Generally, they last for four years, and average tuition fees are around 40,000-50,000 USD/year. In the USA, some of the best universities providing BBA are listed below, along with costs and other popular programs to pursue:

Program Name University Name Duration Fees (USD)
The Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 4 Years 60000
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration University of California – Berkeley 4 years 32000-35000
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California 4 Years 57256
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University 4 Years 46200
Bachelor of Arts in International Business Studies Saint Louis University 4 Years 44700
Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics and Technology Trinity University 4 Years 85000


Best Business Schools in the USA for Postgraduate Programs

The world ranks the USA at the top for its MBA programs, with the top 3 places firmly in its hands. A global standing is available to master in business degrees from the USA. The program lasts for two years, and the average fees are more than 60000 USD. Some of the best universities for MBA in the USA are listed below:

Program Name University Name Duration Tuition Fees


The Wharton MBA Program Wharton University of Pennsylvania 2 years 81,378
MBA Program Stanford Graduate School of Business 2 years 74,706
MIT Sloan Fellows MBA Program MIT Sloan School 2 years 77,168
MBA Program Harvard Business School 2 years 73,440
MBA Program University of Chicago Booth School of Business 21 months 72,000
Master of Business Analytics MIT Sloan School 1 year 87,740
MA in International Economics American University, Washington DC 2 years 40,400


So, I hope this article will be helpful to you in the top universities in the USA for MBA. It only means greater competition, and the best minds have the chance to complete their education in the USA. International students planning to pursue a business program should ensure good academic standing before applying for their dream business school in the USA.


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