Russian Government Scholarships for International Students

Russian Government Scholarships

The National Government of Russia offers a handful of scholarships to international students’ immigrants, even Russians living abroad. Till now, state-funded spots have been given to 18,000 eligible students. These numbers vary accordingly, as the allocation of these slots depends on the Russian Embassies and the Rossotrudnichestvo. In this post, we will be looking at the Russian Government scholarships for international students.

Russian Government Scholarship Awards

The Russian Government scholarship covers the tuition for the entire course duration, and it also provides residential accommodation throughout the students’ academic stay in the country.

Though all scholar receives a maintenance allowance, foreign interns undertaking professional training or career development are not handed this financial profit.

So, the Russian Government scholarship provides a comprehensive part of the student’s education; they will not cover the scholar’s travel costs, living expenses, and health insurance policy.

Eligibility Criteria

Russian does not have a long list of requirements for government scholarships compared to others. As long as you pass the entrance exam (and additional interviews or tests as required by the university) or the Uniform State Examination, the students may be considered for the scholarship.

Another way the student can qualify for the Russian government scholarship is to take part in tests, interviews, or academic competitions hosted by Russian universities or the Russian embassy in your home country.

However, it’s easy to meet the eligibility criteria for a Russian government scholarship, and all applicants are subject to stringent competitive selection.

How to Apply for a Russian Government Scholarship?

The students who wish to apply for a Russian Government Scholarship must follow these steps:

1.The students have to contact the scholarship operator in your country.

The Russian embassies and the Rossotrudnichestvo are in charge of the scholarship slot. Students need to contact them to inquire about the scholarship programs (i.e., deadlines, degrees available, etc.)

 2. Register and fill out the online form 

Once you confirm the availability of slots and programs, you may proceed with registering on the scholarship website.

The online form will require you to provide the following:

  • Personal information like your name, residence, birthday, email address, and contact number.
  • Field and level of study you will apply for (there are 14,000 available). You can change these right before you undergo the required exams.
  • The current level of education
  • Level of Russian Proficiency

 3. Choose a university

The student can select from up to 6 universities out of the 741 institutions in Russia. So, students may choose only three options for universities in Federal constituencies and not more than 2 for universities in the Moscow or St. Petersburg area.

 4. Submit other requirements

The students will need to provide a copy of their passport page and a copy of their birth certificate. You also need to submit hard copies of the certificate confirming your level of education (diploma, transcript, etc.). It would help if you were forwarded to the Russian embassy or Rossotrudnichesto in your home country.

Once you complete the online application process, you can relax and wait for the selection process. Depending on the scholarship operator, you will be informed that you need to participate in an interview, exam, or test through phone call or email. The result from these tests helps the selection committee narrow down the list of applicants.

After 1-2 months of discussion, the successful applicant will be inform via the embassy or Rossotrudnichestvo website through personal email or notice.

The next for students is to wait for enrolment confirmation, which the scholarship operator will convey. The scholar must also provide a medical certificate (involving an HIV test) and another necessary document (translated to Russian).

The candidate who is not as proficient in the language must enrol in a preparatory program. This long-lasting endeavour includes an intensive study of the Russian language that provides for other academic fields like Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. The candidate must pass the preparatory program final exam to regain their scholarship funding.


Russian government Scholarships help the student to get affordable global education. With this award, students can complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees in some of the best universities in the world.

Although the scholarship does not cover living expenses and travel costs, living in Russia is relatively affordable (costs about $300 to $400 a month). In addition, it may be balance with employment opportunities available for international students. 

 So, I hope that this article on Russian Government scholarships for international students was helpful to you. If you have any doubts about the scholarship, you can ask us.


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