Ph.D Scholarships for Indian Students 2022

Ph.D Scholarships for Indian Students

We have seen there are a lot of scholarships for masters as well as for post-graduation but there are also some Ph.D. Scholarships. For taking such a subject it needs the courage to own it. It takes a lot of resources and time for taking this subject.

It also takes a lot of funding for this program, especially when it is self-funded. The span of the program is about 3 to 5 years, which will eventually drain you out of money. But the best way to fund the program is through scholarship. For making your effortless, we have collected some scholarships from everywhere which is beneficial for Indian students.

Research is an area where the student needs a lot of dedication and hard work. There are a lot of challenges and obstacles that come in the middle while studying Ph.D. To ease the pressure of funding Universities, Governments, Private and Public organizations by giving scholarships.

There are different types of scholarships that these organizations can provide:

Different types of research scholarships are available for students. There are two types of scholarships Full scholarships and Partial Scholarships.

Full Scholarship:

This is a type of funding that covers all types of expenses which includes entire tuition fees, food expenses, accommodation, and as well as other expenses.

Partial Scholarship:

This type of scholarship offers a partial scholarship that covers either one of the expenses which are tuition fees or accommodation expenses.

Below is the list of Ph.D. Scholarship for Indian Students to study abroad:

Sr. No



Gates Cambridge Scholarships


Vice-Chancellors International Scholarship for Research Excellence at the University of Nottingham


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships


Australian Government Research Training Programme International Scholarships at Flinders University


AAUW International Fellowships for Women

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships:

It is a doctorate degree for which students come from all around the world for pursuing this degree and to study in the country. There are around 166 scholarships that are available for distribution. It is the best opportunity for international PD aspirants for availing this scholarship.

For this scholarship the eligibilities are, the candidate should be nominated by the Canadian University. They should pursue Ph.D. or Joint post-graduate or undergraduate program. Also, they shouldn’t have completed 20 months of doctorate studies on campus. Also, the candidates which are studying in undergraduate or graduate studies shouldn’t complete more than 32 months in the institution.

They provide around $50,000 a year for their tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses. And the duration of this program is around 3 years.

Australian Government Research Training Programme (AGRTP) International Scholarships at Flinders University

It provides financial assistance for the students who are capable of their studies. Flinders University offers a lot of scholarships from which Australian Government Research Training Programme International Scholarships.

The aims of this university are to provide assistance to all overseas students except New Zealand. The eligibility for this scholarship is that all candidates must meet the required conditions for the Masters by Research and Doctorate degree in the university

They should meet the needs of the English Proficiency level for availing of the scholarship. Students or candidates shouldn’t have pursued any degree in doctorate or masters in higher degree for availing the scholarship. For this scholarship, Australian and New Zealand students are not eligible.

This scholarship provides Australia $28,092 and also some allowance of $1,485. Basically, it covers Tuition fees and accommodation expenses. Also, it covers Overseas Health Care.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

It is a scholarship that is offered by the University of Cambridge. This is one of the top scholarships which are available for a Ph.D. Students. The scholarship is awarded to a student who is not from the UK. A candidate who wishes to pursue a Ph.D. or other post-graduation from the University of Cambridge.

Eligibility for this scholarship is that the candidate cannot be a UK citizen; they should be outside of the UK. They must pursue a full-time program at the University of Cambridge. The scholarship gives a full cost of studying while studying in Cambridge. The scholarship will include every expense such as Tuition fees, visas, travel expenses, and as well as other expenses too. They also give additional funding for family allowance, fieldwork, and others.

AAUW International Fellowship for Women

It aims towards women’s empowerment in academics; it offers fellowships to women in the American Association of University Women who wish to pursue full-time study in the research program. They aim towards providing the fellowship to the candidates who are not from the US or residents of the US.

The eligibility for this scholarship is that all the women candidates shouldn’t be US citizens or residents for availing of the scholarship. Women who give preferences to the civic or community or for professional work are given the first preference. Scholarship values around $20,000 which includes all expenses.

Vice-Chancellors International Scholarship for Research Excellence at the University of Nottingham

It provides a unique scholarship to the candidate who wants to pursue Ph.D. or M.Phil. for their higher degree. They provide scholarships to every program except for engineering for which they provide different types of scholarships.

All candidates must be from overseas there shouldn’t be citizens. They must apply for a valid full-time Ph.D. and M.Phil. Degree in the University of Nottingham. They provide around $1151 stipend for a month with all tuition fees cover


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