International Scholarship for Indian Student Undergraduate

International Scholarship for Indian Student Undergraduate

As one of the greatest groups of International Students, Students always search for scholarship programs to avail benefits for tuition fees. Indian Students are often benefited from scholarship programs and also aimed to get good opportunities. Some of the students are from the group of graduate-level studies.

There is a number of people who are offered scholarships which is specifically Indian students. We will provide you with a list of universities in which you can get an international scholarship.

Scholarships are often offered by the government, organizations,s and some specific universities. We are given you a diverse option for selecting a university as per your need. Scholarships are basically targeted subject-wise and also with minority groups. If you are looking for the best scholarships, then it may take a long process to shortlist the scholarships. We have listed some domestic scholarships for studying.

List of International Scholarship for Indian Students Undergraduate:


Scholarship Name



Oxford and Cambridge Society of India



Tata Scholarships at Cornell



Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships



Edinburgh Napier University



Trinity College Dublin



University of Sheffield



University of Wollongong



University College Dublin



Huawei Maitree Scholarships



India 4EU II


  1. Huawei Maitree Scholarships:

This scholarship provides scholarships for Indian students, both for undergraduate and postgraduate students. By using this scholarship you can study in China. You can choose a scholarship by your preference and apply for it for courses such as Social Studies, Culture, and Development, Science and technology.

Each and every scholarship covers the full tuition fee and living expenses.

  1. Oxford and Cambridge Society of India

The Oxbridge theme with which this scholarship sticks. It offers Indian students scholarships for specific colleges within the universities. However, this scholarship is available both for undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Students can apply for this scholarship online who are completing or already completed their degree from an Indian University.

  1. Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

It is named after India’s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. It aims towards helping top students to in best university. It also aims to follow to footsteps of Dr. Manmohan Singh by studying at Cambridge University in the UK.

This scholarship is available for undergraduate and degree courses as well as for other courses. But it doesn’t include medicine and veterinary science courses. It covers all expenses which include tuition fees, living expenses as well as traveling expenses.

  1. University of Wollongong

It comes under the southern hemisphere, which ranks top in the Australian Universities. This is one of the top universities for Indian students for undergraduate in the UK.

One of the applicants will get selected by the University of Wollongong Bradman Foundation. In this selection, you will get a 50% reduction in the fees.

  1. Tata Scholarships at Cornell

It gives around 20 scholarships for Indian Students to avail themselves of benefits and gives them the opportunity to get into top universities. It is available for every Indian student for under-graduation at Cornell University.

For availing of this scholarship students should be accepted into the Cornell Undergraduate program. After accepting the course, they can apply for the scholarship based on their financial situation.

  1. University of Sheffield

It offers scholarships for undergraduate students as well as postgraduate students. This scholarship also contains some specific subjects which have some merit-based scholarships.

The merit-based scholarship can be worth $10000 per year.

  1. Trinity College Dublin

It is one of the universities which offers scholarships to Indian students. It includes high-ranking universities such as Trinity College Dublin which can offer scholarships $1200 worth.

The course includes arts, social science, science and technology, engineering, computer science, and humanities.

  1. India 4EU II

It is a scholarship that provides scholarships for students studying and working in Europe. It provides scholarships for students from undergraduate to postgraduate level. This scholarships compensate all the expenses of the student.

The scholarship covers tuition fees, academics, living, traveling, and monthly allowance. It has links with Italy, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and France.

  1. Edinburgh Napier University

In Edinburgh Napier University, they provide scholarships worth $3000 for undergraduate students. This university mainly offers scholarships for Indian students. Courses include undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

  1. University College Dublin

It ranks the second top university in Ireland. This is one of the top scholarships for Indian Students to study abroad. It also gives scholarships to Indian Students for their under-graduation. It gives around 5 scholarships worth $7000 for science courses. And it gives 3-4 scholarships for social science, arts, and business worth $3500.

It reduces 50% of the tuition fees except for medicine and veterinary medicine. It is one of the best universities for Undergraduate Scholarships.


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