Cheap Universities in Japan for International students

Cheap Universities in Japan for International students

Japanese culture goes hand in hand with the advancing technology of a truly modern country. Because of this reason, students around the globe wanted to experience the progressive learning and high-quality education that Japan may have to offer.

However, the country is also performing well in other parameters international students believe that good opportunities will come their way if they take their chance of studying there. Some students lose hope in applying for any university because they think living in a fully-developed and prosperous country would be expensive. So, if you were one of those students who dream of getting accepted into any Japanese university within your budget, here is some information about the universities in Japan with the cheapest tuition fees.

Cost of Studying in Japan

Far from the imagination of other students, living in Japan is relatively cheaper than in most industrially developed countries. One can survive their whole educational stay in the country if they would be wise in spending your allowance from the living expenses up to the University’s tuition fees.

The average tuition fees in Japan range from 540,000 yen up to 750,000 yen or 5,100 USD up to 7,100 USD annually, depending on the type of University you will be enrolling in. The types of universities in Japan are National, public, and private. The students who are looking for cheap universities in Japan, you should look into national universities and not private ones. In Japan, especially if you live in an apartment near a city, the housing rents can be pricey on living expenses. The average monthly rent costs 138,000 yen up to 160,000 yen or 1,300 USD up to 1,515 USD along with monthly food expenses amounting approximately to 158,000 yen or 1500 dollars.

Are Universities Free in Japan?

In today’s times, preschool, primary, and secondary education are free in Japan for its citizens, and their government is still working on making higher education accessible for the Japanese. The power and influence depend on intellectual people managing the issues and policies; Japan is investing in its citizens for giving free education they deserve that will lead the country to continue thriving.

To international students, tuition fees must still be paid because the student visa they will be receiving from Japan does not cover free education from the country. They also say the tuition fees in the universities of Japan are reliable no matter what University you will select.

Cheap Universities in Japan

1. Kyoto University

In the year 1897, Kyoto University was founded as an imperial institution. This University in Japan is the second-oldest and recognized as the second-best institution in the country. The Kyoto University is one of the cheapest universities in Japan for international students, with an average tuition fee of around $4,900 a year.

This University has two Kyoto campuses, and others in Uji is home to around 23,000 students. The University also has a foreign community of more than 2,000 students. The students at Kyoto University may take undergraduate degrees in Integrated Human Studies, Law, Letters, Education, Economics, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science, and Agriculture.

The Graduate-level has the same programs with the addition of Energy Science, Human and Environmental Science, Informatics, Bio-studies, Global Environment studies, Asian and African studies, Government, Management, Law, and Public Health. 

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2. Tohoku University

Tohoku University was founded in 1907, and it has also ranked the third-best University in Japan after the universities of Tokyo and Kyoto. Tohoku University has four campuses in the Sendai area.

In the South Kawauchi Campus, Letters, Law, Education, and Economics faculties are housed. Medicine and dentistry are in the Seiryo branch. The Pharmacy, Science, Agriculture, and engineering college is housed in the Aobayama campus. This cheap University has a large student population of more than 17000-12% from outside Japan.

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3. Nagoya University

This is the last Japanese imperial University established in 1871 and is regarded as one of the country’s best. Nagoya University ranks 5th, and it is also listed as the 41 best universities in Asia.

The undergraduate faculties of NUS are organized according to the studies of Medicine, Law, Engineering, Economics, Agriculture, Letters, Science, Education, and Information Culture.

The Graduate-level has the same courses with the addition of specializations in Science, Mathematics, International Development, International Language Culture, and Environmental studies.

Currently, NU serves as home to more than 15,500+ students. The University also has a bustling foreign student community which corresponds to 11% of the total enrollment rate.

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4. Osaka University

In 1724, Osaka University was founded as the Kaitokudo. And one of the affordable universities in Japan is a designated national institution. In Japan, this University ranked 7th and currently has three campuses in Suita, Minoh, and Toyonaka. These branches have the schools of 11 undergraduate and 16 graduate faculties.

So, this University is one of the many Japanese schools to offer an English medium undergraduate program. In 2011 this project was launched that helped attract many international students. Currently, it represents 12% of the University’s 22,000+ substantial population.

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5. Kyushu University

This University was established in 1903; the former imperial University is located in Kyushu, Fukuoka. This prestige university has attracted many international students, representing 13% of the University’s 18,000+enrolles.

This cheap University in Japan for international students offers undergraduate programs in the field of Interdisciplinary Science. And Innovative, Law, Education, Letters, Economics, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science, Design, Engineering, and Agriculture. It also offers the same graduate program with the addition of Humanities, Socio-Cultural Studies, and Human Environment studies.

So, I hope the article about the cheapest and best universities in Japan was helpful to you. If you have doubt then comment on us.

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