Cheap Colleges in Chicago and Fees Structure

Cheap Colleges in Chicago

Everyone wants to take the best education from the best colleges and universities when it comes to education. So, some people can’t afford top colleges due to a lack of income or money. Besides, there are money countries and cities where you can get quality education, such as Germany, Chicago, the United States, and many more. In this post, we are going to tell you about the top 5 cheap colleges in Chicago.

So, today we are going to see cheap colleges in Chicago. They always try to provide quality education for students. Chicago is surrounded by nature which is very soothing and relaxing. They have many things such as sandy beaches, honking taxes, busy roads, and many more. So, it has unique arts, parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and museums.

This city offers a lot of things and is different from other cities and states. They have many affordable items that can be given to everyone, and Chicago has very affordable colleges where students can study without hesitating the college fees.

  1. Western Illinois University
  2. DePaul University
  3. The University of Illinois at Chicago
  4. Chicago State University
  5. Northeastern Illinois University

Western Illinois University

Chicago State University wasn’t fully established when it was started. But now it has everything which is needed. They have a 4-year university that offers about 36 undergraduate and 25 graduate programs. 

They have fully accredited the university for students and tried to provide everything needed and essential for students’ welfare. However, the Chicago State University has a unique story behind it, and they have a history where the school was first started in the railroad freight car house. 

There were 60 students enrolled back then, but now thousands of students are studying in their university and passing out with flying colors. They have expanded their university, which is now recognized worldwide. 

Their campus is located in South Chicago; they have now moved closer to the loop. Due to this reason, students have easy access to all amenities and facilities. 

This is one of the most popular Business Administration and Management, Psychology and Criminal Justice and Safety Studies majors. In addition, students have also received 97% financial aid for their education. Most of the passed students for CSU got placed in major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angles, San Francisco, and Dallas.

The University of Illinois at Chicago:

The following college or university comes The University of Illinois at Chicago. This is the University of Illinois situated in Chicago, and it is the second oldest university the state has. 

They have around 74% of the acceptance rate and more than 30% of international students who can speak more than one language. UIC comes under the public universities, which are the oldest in Chicago.

There are plenty of universities in Chicago. They can go out of campus for lunch or dinner at popular restaurants such as Sakanaya, Cracked, and Pokelab. 

They have a lot of variety food and cuisine. Students can also plan some vacations out of campus for refreshment and relaxation. There are many places where students can go for vacation or holidays, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home Studio, where they can go for a tour of the architect’s home. 

Students also can visit Chicago Botanical Gardens, Brookfield Zoo, and Morton Arboretum. They can enjoy these places using public transport.

They have also had some activities on-campus that they can access, such as the Climbing wall, Sports, Fitness Clubs, and many more. It has well-equipped rooms needed for training and fitness, and these all are there in the Student Recreation Facility, which is called SRF.

The law students have the best university to study, the UIC, and it is the city’s only school for law.

Northeastern Illinois University

In this university, the health of the students is taken very seriously and they take care of their students very well. They have a smoke-free campus where no one is allowed to smoke since 2015. They have a number of different activities which they can do and enjoy such as swimming, Zumba, water polo and many more.

Students are eligible for this activity free of cost just by showing their IDs at the entrance. They are also provided with their own lockers and towel at complimentary. The recreation program also has fitness facilities which make it easier for students to work out. Students can make their own club if they are not interested in the other clubs.

Northeastern Illinois University also understands that college can be stressful for students from the point of view of financial, academic, and social. It also has mental health programs and wellness services for students as well as for faculty and staff.

DePaul University:

However, it is a Catholic University that was built in the 19th century in the city of Chicago. Since the university is very welcoming towards international students as it represents more than 60 countries. DePaul University is one of the historical universities.

This university always helped the students which can’t pay their tuition fees and financially disadvantaged students. DU has named one of the Best Value Colleges by Forbes in 2017.

Because of the generous financial aid, DePaul University is considered the cheapest university in Chicago and diversity.

This university has around 11 residence halls and about 90% of students live around the city and utilize public transport for coming to the university. This is one of the affordable colleges in Chicago.

As they have different sections such as College of Science and Health, School of Music, College of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Social Science, and Theatre School.

Fees of Cheapest Universities in Chicago


University Name



Western illinois University



Chicago State University



Northeastern illinois University



The University of illinois at Chicago

$14281 - $16416


Depaul University



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