BPP University London Postgraduate Courses Information

BPP University London Postgraduate Courses Information

The BPP University London was formed in 1976 and its name was taken from the names of Alan Brierley, Richard Price, and Charles Prior. Therefore, the standardized full form of BPP is Business Professional people. So, it is one of the 9th Private universities in the UK. So, in September 2007 BPP University has made history by becoming the first publicly owned company in the UK to obtain degree awarding powers.

BPP University is known for its innovative approach in the learning process that is academically difficult but also a practical application that is highly relevant to our students, stakeholders, and industry. For higher education in the United Kingdom, a detailed application is the Quality Assurance Agency(QAA) involved in the process that acted on behalf of the Office for Students.

BPP University was granted indefinite taught degree awarding power(TDAP) beneath the office for Students(OfS) new regulatory framework in 2020. So, the reason behind which the award was given to the university is the academic integrity as a mature higher education institution with difficult standards and academic governance, this award of indefinite TDAP came into force on 1st September.

The college has students of around 15,000, considering 13 focuses in eight areas across England and all over the globe online. So, most of them are postgraduate programs around 84% and 70% are full-time. There is four BPP university school that is BPP University School of Business, BPP University Law School, BPP University School of Health, and BPP University School of Nursing.

Official Website: https://www.bpp.com/

BPP University Law School

It is one of the UK’s leading Law schools for delivering professional legal qualifications with around 25 years of experience. So, the institution is trusted by many influential law firms and for training aspiring lawyers from over 150 organizations.

The institution looks forward to innovation in legal training not back and shapes and building for the legal career for the future of the students. The way of becoming a lawyer is changing as the university is leading the way in designing a ground-breaking approach to the SQE that our patrons tell us is already setting us apart from our competitors.

So, the university is majorly concentrating on employability and developing skills as lawyers, by the authority to safe training contract and pupillage to the student. So, the employability strategy is witness to this.

The BPP University London is set in two locations in London in the heart of ‘legal’ London in Holborn and on the Southbank of Waterloo. Other centers are in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Manchester, and Leeds.

BPP University Business School

So, the business school offers higher education for students of accountants, bankers, and managers.

The programs are on a practical basis as per the requirement of today’s business climate, which is taught by industry experts who deliver programs at a range of levels. So, this business school works with a large range of professional institutions that contains ACCA, ICAEW, CMI, CIPD, CFA, and Chartered Banker to confirm that all programs are directly link to required professional qualifications.

BPP University School of Technology

As identifying the impact and need of technology for today and institutions’ client partners, it had established a dedicated School of Technology to support our client with their ‘digital transformation.’

So, the institution is trying its best to bring together all the exert in technology, analytics, and financial modeling to provide the best quality training programs.

At entry-level, the institution offers data and technology qualifications from the one-day short courses to levy-fundable internships and degree internships, over to Master’s level qualification.

BPP University School of Nursing

The School of Nursing has been committed to delivering practical nursing and healthcare education while taking the right balance between academic theory and practical learning. So, the institution believes in the best way to become a nurse is to experience it, that is the courses will help you for professional and academic development.

The BPP University School of Nursing aims to produce healthcare professionals who meet the desires and emotional demands of key patient groups in fields such as Mental health, Learning Disability, young people, and Children and work in association with key partners in the private healthcare sector and NHS. So, Good staff is the essence of the healthcare profession and we help to build them.

Regulates from London Waterloo and Leeds centers of BPP University School of Nursing and from the following NHS Trust locations:

  • Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

BPP University School of Health

The BPP University School of Health is located in London Birmingham and Manchester that provides higher education that is designed in collaboration with experts in the field. This University offers the student with knowledge and practical skills for a professional healthcare career. So, in this field, it ensures relevance and employability option to the student.

Facilities in Campus

In the UK BPP University is one of the leading universities dedicated to business and the profession. And it has become the winner of the prestigious Education Investor award “Post 16 education provider of the year in 2010.

So, the centers of BPP University id throughout the UK and also in Holland, Amsterdam.

The Mission of BPP university is to specialize in providing professional and business education. And challenging the education status quo to progress the students’ lives.

Location Specialities

So, the centers for BPP University for studying are Abingdon, Bristol, Cambridge, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and London. In the city of London is the Business School and its law school is located in London in Holborn mean that BPP is an attractive option for international students. So, it has most of the branches in the UK’s major cities and provides to students of all budget levels and lifestyles necessities.


The BPP university does not have any living facilities. So, there is another team for accommodation that will help you to find a place in private or shared residences, homestays, rented accommodation, and short-stay accommodation.


In 2013, it has been voted the UK’s Best Higher Education Provider by Education Investor Magazine.

So, in 2010 the university for awarded with ‘Post-16 Education provider of the year’ by Education investor

Why select BPP University?

So, BPP is the best choice for students who want to pursue professional careers in law, industry, accounting, finance, banking, dentistry, nursing, chiropractic, health care, or psychology, as BPP is the innovator in this field.

So, this institution’s service is developing in association with employers. And recognize experts in the field of finance, industry, law, and health which ensures students are well placed after their studies.

So, the BPP University offers students from over 100 countries an active and comprehensive learning environment.

List of Courses in BPP University London:

  • Law
  • Accountancy and tax
  • Leadership and Management
  • Data and Technology
  • Financial Service
  • Psychology
  • Nursing and Healthcare
  • Governance, Risk, and compliance
  • Insolvency
  • Actuary


So, the BPP University provides innovative and high-quality courses are design in collaboration with the leading firm and barrister chamber. They provide students not only with the academic assessment but also with a competitive edge by equipping them with the sought of professional skills.

Training for the prospective solicitor

  • Legal Practice course
  • Solicitors Qualifying Examination

Training for the prospective barrister

  • Law foundation course
  • Barrister training course

Master of Law programs

  • Master of Law

Accountancy and Tax

So, students can choose from a wide range of accountancy and tax courses that suit them with experience and require career paths. So, BPP provides a wide range of forwarding ways for qualification. And beyond, containing internships, professional qualifications, short courses, postgraduates, and undergraduate degrees.

Select from below which Professional qualification suits you:

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA)
  • Chartered Institution of Management(CIMA)
  • Institution of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales(ICAEW)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland(ICAS)
  • Association to Tax Technicians(ATT)
  • Chartered Institute of Taxation(CIOT)

Nursing and Healthcare

So, BPP university produces specialists in Nursing and Healthcare. There you will meet some of the most susceptible people in society and the institution offers the expertise and ability to meet their needs. The healthcare education for every step of your professional journey from BSc. And registered for a Nursing degree, internship, and MSc in healthcare leadership.

  • BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult) [Pre-registration Nursing]
  • BSc(Hons) Nursing(Mental Health) [Pre-registration Nursing]
  • Foundation Degree Nursing Associate
  • Registered Nurse Degree(Adult)
  • MSc Healthcare Leadership
  • Registered Nurse Degree(Child)
  • Registered Nurse Degree(Mental Health)

Leadership and Management

The institution works with its partner for education and training solutions and products in the way and at a time that suits your business and its cycle. So, you can find the right training solution for your business:

  • Leadership and Management Internship
  • Coaching
  • Leadership and Management short-courses

Data and Technology

So, the institution is helping students to meet the growing and ever-changing demand for data. And technical skills in professional roles, making a team that can use the technology effectively and intelligently.


So, I hope you have got the detailed information about the BPP University London. If you have any queries, you comment us.


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