Best International Schools in Bangalore

Best International Schools in Bangalore

Bangalore is known for their most beautiful and advanced technologies. They have very advance technology which includes a lot of different technologies. The schools have a very beautiful infrastructure and secure learning environment. Every child their skills which makes them outstanding from each other. If, you are looking for best international schools in Bangalore then read our article you able to know. 

Top 10 International Schools in Bangalore

Sr. No School Name Fees
1 Indus International School 7.10 Lakhs
2 Ebenezer International School 5 Lakhs
3 Greenwood High International School 3 Lakhs
4 Stonehill International School 12 Lakhs
5 The International School Bangalore 5 Lakhs
6 Mallya Aditi International School 4 Lakhs
7 Bangalore International School 1 Lakh
8 Candor International School 3.8 Lakhs
9 Treamis World School 13 Lakhs
10 Neev Academy 1 Lakh -4.12 lakhs


1. Bangalore International School

This school is one of the first international schools in Bangalore. It was established in the year 1969. This is one of the best international schools in Bangalore because it offers students the world- class education with best facilities.

The fees of college are about 1 lakhs and for the application, the fees are about 6,000. They also have a security deposit of about 20,000. For transportation, they have an AC bus which is about 50,000 per annum. They also have food facility which cost them about 34,000.

2. Indus International School

This school is situated in Sarjapur. They are the rankers and best in India. This college was established in 2003. The campus is spread over 40 acres of land. They have day school as well as a boarding school for a kinder garden to grade XII. 

It has various facilities such as an auditorium, library, transportation, cafeteria, and gym. For the registration, the fee is about 7.6 thousand and they also have a security deposit which is of 50 thousand which is refundable.

3. Ebenezer International School

This school have multiple curriculums; it is one of the best international schools in Bangalore. They have different boards such as IB, IGCSE, ICSE and Apple School. They have classes from pre-primary to 12th class.

 It has different types of facilities such as Conference Hall, Computer lab, Chemistry lab, biology lab, computer science, cafeteria and many more.

Talking about the fees of the school, the fee vary from class to class basically it ranges from 4.5 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs.

4. Stonehill International School

It is spread over the 34 acres of land, and is located in Tarahunise Post. There is advantage which students can take i.e from the school the airport is just 20 minutes away. So because of it, travelling becomes easy. The students also gets the facilities such as AC buses, 24/7 clinic, healthcare and fitness. 

The annual fee of the school is about 9 lakhs to 13 lakhs. 

5. Candor International School

The school was founded in the year 2011 and offers IGCSE curriculum to students for better understanding. This helps them to build their skills and develop unique skills in them. The campus is spread in over 25 acres of land with beautiful infrastructure and facilities. 

They have facilities such as library, computer labs, table tennis, snooker, air hockey, caroms, science labs and gym.

7. Neev  Academy

This was first established in the year 2005 they have multiple branches in different cities. The school has been spread over 16 acres of land. Environment of the school is very beautiful and pleasant that students learn new things every day.

The fee of the school changes according to the grade so, for the Grade 1-5 the fees is about 2.7 lakhs, from 6-10th the fees is about 3.5 lakhs. And for grade 11th & 12th the fees is about 4.12 lakhs.

8. The International School Bangalore

This is a school where your children won’t feel boring or tired. They have a lot of amenities and facilities that it makes them believe that they are in England. They have various technologies which are introduced to the children for better understanding. 

Facilities such as amphitheatre, gym, art studios and medical care. Fee of the school is about 5 lakhs per year. 

9. Mallya Aditi International School

This school was names after the billionaire Vijay Mallya. They offers ICSE curriculum for students from 1 to 12th. It also has IGSCE board for higher standard for 11th and 12th. They have different kinds of facilities such as transportation, art, auditorium, music room, gym, library, science lab, cafeteria and many more.

10. Treamis World Schooling

This school has the affiliation of IGCSE board and has a lot of activites through which children learns new things. This kind of activities develops new skills and ideas which children can implement while learning. 

There is also choice available whether you want to study in IGCSE or CBSE or Cambridge University. They also provide different kinds of coaching such SAT, CET, AIPMT AND AP programs

11. Greenwood High International School

This school basically has IB, IGCSE and ISC curriculum. The campus size is about 16 acres which has beautiful facilities and buildings. This school offers IB Diploma and IGCSE exams as per the syllabus of Cambridge International Examinations. 

They have different facilities such as cafeteria, transportation, medical and health support, playground, auditorium, library and computer labs.


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