List of Best IB Schools in Delhi 2022

Best IB Schools Delhi

The best IB schools in Delhi will be listed below. So, if you’re looking for all the details about the best IB schools in Delhi according to their rankings, you’re in the right place! Continue reading our article till the very end to get all your questions answered.

In today’s world where learning anything and everything has become extremely easy and available at our fingertips, excellent schooling is still the foundation of a person’s career and so, parents are constantly looking for better curriculums and schools for their children. Similarly, if you are one of these parents or even students looking for the same, you’ll find your answers here in the list of best IB board schools in Delhi.

So, IB schools are becoming popular by the day for their advanced curriculums and better approach towards children’s education. Since these schools follow an international education pattern, they don’t use the traditional schooling techniques used in our country’s national and state boards. Consequently, their diplomas, degrees have an international value as well.

List of Top IB Schools in Delhi

  1. Pathways World School Aravali
  2. The Shri Ram School
  3. Shiv Nadar School
  4. Pathways School, Noida
  5. Lancers International School

Pathways World School Aravali

Pathway World School is a Day cum Boarding school affiliated with IB PYP, MYP as well as DYB boards. Since it is a Co-Ed School for classes up to the 12th grade, it’s for both boys and girls. So, initially, Pathways World School was established in 2003. Pathways World School has made it a point to keep its rank high among other nations as well as international board schools in Delhi. So, it’s an excellent option to consider for your education.

So, the fees per annum of Pathways World School are INR 560,000 currently.

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The Shri Ram School

Another very famous school in Delhi, affiliated with the IB and ICSE boards is the Shri Ram School. Thus, Shri Ram School is a Day School of boarding type. It is also a Co-Ed school up to class 12th. Initially, it was established in 1994, located in Gurgaon. Since the ranking of the Shri Ram School is second on our list of Best IB schools in Delhi, the Shri Ram School has been keeping its numbers good and providing quality education to its students. So, you can choose this school if you’re looking for a great IB school located in Delhi.

So, the fee for each year at the Shri Ram School is about INR 180,000.

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Shiv Nadar School

Established in 2012, Shiv Nadar School in Delhi is considered among one of the top-ranked schools affiliated to the IB, CBSE, as well as IGCSE boards. Similarly, Shiv Nadar School is a day school of Co-Ed type. It also offers education up to Class 12th. Shiv Nadar School is another high-ranked school among world-class IB schools in Delhi.

They have revolutionized learning for its students making them intellectually, emotionally as well as physically well developed and all-rounders. You can look into more details about the school on their website as well as by paying a visit to the school physically.

Additionally, the annual fee here is INR 202,240.

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Pathways School, Noida

Among the top IB schools in Delhi, Pathways School Noida is also a well-known one. It is also a Co-Ed type day school. Moreover, Pathways School is affiliated with the IB board. Likewise, it offers classes up to the 12th grade. Pathways School Noida was initially established in 2010 and it was one of the very first IB schools in the Indian state, Uttar Pradesh. Providing its students with excellent quality education along with extracurricular activities, sports as well as campus life, and much more!

Pathways School Noida uses Harvard University’s Multiple Intelligences approach to teach as well as build better futures for its students.

The annual fee here is INR 395,000.

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Lancers International School

Lancers International School is another excellent option for school for you if you’re looking for a school in Delhi, which is affiliated with the IB or IGCSE boards. It is a Day cum Boarding school as also of the Co-Ed type. It offers education up to class 12th and was initially established in 2009.

Lancers International School is one of the best schools of the international level, IB board school that you can consider choosing for your education when looking for learning in a revolutionized way along with much more and not just traditional learning methods just involving books and pens.

Besides, the annual fee here is about INR 382,500.

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So, IB schools are affiliated with an educational non-profit organization, is the International Baccalaureate Organisation in Delhi, which is in Switzerland’s Geneva.

Furthermore, these schools provide students with world-class education.

IB schools in Delhi are currently following COVID 19 protocols while functioning, to ensure the safety of their students as well as staff. 

List of Top IB Schools in Delhi NCR

Sr. No

Name Of School

Website For Contact


The British School


Metro Delhi International School


Amity Global School


Genesis Global School


French International School


Apeejay International


Excelsior American School


DPS International School


Scottish High International School              


The British School

FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is an IB School?

Ans: IB stands for International Baccalaureate and it is one of the top-class educational boards followed by particular schools in India. They offer a composition of four high-quality and challenging educational programs of international education grade for pupils in the age group of 3 years to 19 years. Education from an IB board encourages curiosity for learning as well as diversity.

Q2. How is an IB school different from a regular one?

Ans: Traditional education boards have an unnecessarily elaborate focus on just exams, while an IB school curriculum focuses on so much more like written and communication skills, personal development of the students as also critical thinking skills. They also focus on the importance of extracurricular activities.

Q3. How much do we need to pay for an IB school diploma?

Ans: The fee structure of each school differs greatly and completely depends on the school you choose, ranging from around 1 Lakh to 6 Lakhs.

Refer to the above list for details or visit the school websites mentioned.

Q4. Is a diploma from an IB school beneficial for studies and work abroad?

Ans: Very much! Students who have studied from an IB school have a higher chance of getting accepted in universities and companies abroad, as compared to other boards.

Q5. What are the advantages of an IB school?

  • Students become knowledgeable
  • Minds develop to be liberal
  • Very principled
  • Learn to take risks
  • The acceptance rate for higher education is higher
  • Personal Development
  • Versatility


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